Opening Night: The CAT Presents The Merchant Of Venice

There are some things I still need to change and tweak but at least I got it exported in time to get the theater 5 minutes before curtain.
Thanks go out to the cast from the bottom of my heart for being so understanding!


One thought on “Opening Night: The CAT Presents The Merchant Of Venice

  1. Overall, this is a very solid mini-doc centering around an event. There is a lot of charm in here and it invites us to care about the CAT. Your deployment of narrative, while it could be improved, was impressive. You deploy an interesting enigma in the front-end and then get to teh attendance quandry. I wish you would have miled this angle a bit more with interviews of people worried about if people would attend or not. Your questions center around logistics and insight, which is good. Quick note: always show your interviewee as they begin speaking with a graphic of who they are underneath. The one structural issue is your divide between before the play and after. I would haveliked a stronger break, give us a visual intermission and then reorient us to the evening. Ex: despuite concerns, X amount of people showedup on opening night, and then we bask in the later interviews. One more note: spelling on titles (congratulations has a “t” and not a “d” and also avoid hyphens, just shrink the font size) and try to avoid that minute of darkness at the end. I have all this feedback, but don’t let it discourage you, this is an impressive piece and I hope that you continue to produce video after you leave here as you have a lot of talent for it. -smwalus

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