Here’s Hoping it worked! Where the CAT is now; Where it’s going; Why you should care

The CAT will never turn you away. Weather you are an artist, playwright, actor, techie, or someone who just wants a place to hang out– your contributions are always welcome. Officials have perpetuated the belief that the lesser-knowns and the underdogs are the most important in art because art is supposed to be about the underdog, or, cat in this case. They are a nonprofit theater so they can be free to take risks and take in every person who comes in their doors.

Now, they mount productions to test your mind and comfort level, which, I can guarantee they’ll continue to do. Steps have been taken to improve their outreach using social media; but they refuse to cow-tow to anyone but those who share a love for theater. As a result, their future will be filled with community and a family of the truest artistic variety. Though they may stay small, they will always stay rebellious. This is the kind of place every artist dreams of succeeding, which is precisely why it will.  


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