Come to Play

I chose the alleyway itself, the photo-covered walls as well as the carved brick wall, and the Iron CAT sign that has been there since the founding of the Charleston Alley Theatre as the primary subjects of this video. The alleyway signifies the uniqueness of the association and the underdog (even if they are cats) lable related to this organization. The photos and wall signings were most important to me in that they chiefly describe how the cat commemorates their past and present friends and performers. Finally, the sign shows tradition.

It was fun once I stopped crying 😛

Come to Play from Alexis Evans on Vimeo.


One thought on “Come to Play

  1. Fantastic overview of the organization and the areas/objects that signify the organization. Very strong shots and subtle secondary motion. The V.O. is absolutely tremendous, until it mysteriously stops at the 40 second mark. Overall, nicely done. -smwalus

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