Come to Play

I chose the alleyway itself, the photo-covered walls as well as the carved brick wall, and the Iron CAT sign that has been there since the founding of the Charleston Alley Theatre as the primary subjects of this video. The alleyway signifies the uniqueness of the association and the underdog (even if they are cats) lable related to this organization. The photos and wall signings were most important to me in that they chiefly describe how the cat commemorates their past and present friends and performers. Finally, the sign shows tradition.

It was fun once I stopped crying 😛

Come to Play from Alexis Evans on Vimeo.


Viral Vids

The Kony 2012 video has officially become viral. Within less than a month this video has received over 84 million, that’s MILLION, views. Those responsible are chiefly associated as an independent movement to have Joseph Kony extracted from his postions of power. However, one can certainly argue they are mostly a combined advocate for the Invisible Children association.

Thank God, or Ala (whatever), for Llamas with Hats. 24 Million views and counting. Counting the busted guts. 🙂

Some Catty Characters: My Podcast Pilot with Craig Banyai as Antonio

Some Catty Characters!

Introducing my new podcast series, “Some Catty Characters”.  I plan to interview a new character in Merchant of Venice (performing April 20-23, and 27-29) every week and follow-up with cast  interviews about their experiences playing the characters etc. It became apparent to me that the real reason I keep returning to the CAT is the character of both the place and the people. This podcast series will showcase identifiable eccentrics that are inviting as well as interesting.

Enjoy and leave feedback ❤